Sundance: Fresh Faces

Sunday, Jan. 21, 2018

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This year's Festival films feature a number of genuinely exciting young talents—fresh faces who have already begun to receive attention and acclaim for their remarkable work. They represent a new generation of actors, fulfilling a longtime promise of independent film: to bring rich, complex characters to life through stories. Join Dominique Fishback ("Night Comes On"), Kelvin Harrison Jr. ("Assassination Nation," "Monster," and "Monsters and Men"), Hari Nef ("Assassination Nation"), and Rachelle Vinberg ("Skate Kitchen") for our Fresh Faces panel.

The New York Times is thrilled to bring its celebrated TimesTalks series to this year’s Sundance Film Festival. In close collaboration with the Sundance programming team at Cinema Cafe, TimesTalks has put together a line up of thought–provoking and entertaining discussions with some of the festival’s most celebrated artists–moderated by New York Times contributor Logan Hill. The topics cover a wide variety of interests reflective of this year’s festival themes, including politics, race, women in film, the craft of filmmaking and more.

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